The following testimonials are examples of b project clients telling their stories. Each story provides insight on how b project customizes to individual goals. The mix of age, gender, and diversity of activity demonstrates the process will help anyone.

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Thank you for pushing me to new levels. Love your work!!!

Coco Ho
Professional Surfer 

I was able to surf today with no shoulder problems, first time in 20 months!!! Unbelievable. Please let Brad know he is the man.

I am so happy, thank you!





You guys are the best in the industry, hands down!

Pisa Tinoisamoa
NFL Linebacker

I went on my golf trip last week and had an incredible time. I played 116 holes in 3.5 days! I could not even play 18 holes in one week before I started with you guys a few months back and without a doubt the hard work and support paid off. I played pain free and was shocked at how well I held up. I even shot the low round of the day on the first day!

You guys are the best and I was just so happy with the results. Thank You!






Thanks for keeping me in check!

Ben Bourgeois
Professional Surfer

I can’t thank you enough, this is next level. Go b project!!

Gretchen Bleiler
2x Olympic Athlete





Thanks for helping my son realize his dream of becoming a United States Marine. He is in his second week of basic training at MCRD. I received a letter yesterday he is doing well. Because of your efforts, my son is physically prepared for this enormous challenge. There is nobody else I trust in providing care for my boys.

God Bless!
Client’s Parent

Thank you so much for having my back, and making me stronger. You guys are one of a kind. I would not be where I am without you.

Torstein Horgmo
Professional Snowboarder

Thank you for all of your help and support these past 5 years. You have kept me healthy and strong to pursue my running dreams. Thank you for always believing in me.

Sergio Gonzalez
Elite Runner